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6 Pak universities among top 300 Asian universities, says HEC

LAHORE - The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Executive Director Prof Dr Sohail H. Hayat while addressing a video conferencing seminar on Monday in connection with the 10 years establishment of HEC, said that six Pakistani universities have been ranked among the top 300 Asian universities while two Pakistani universities are standing among the top 300 sciences and technology institutions of the world.
Besides this, 41 more universities had been established across the country in a span of ten years to educate the people with modern and quality education, he observed. Dr Sohail urged the educationists and the researchers to maintain good relations with the industry in order to transform their knowledge into goods and services by solving the problems of the industries with the help of good research work.
Highlighting the contributions of the HEC during the last ten years, he said that they had enabled the spread of higher education to every region of Pakistan with an incre…

Pakistani youth take spouse visa route to success

A Pakistani passport. An increasing number of Pakistani men have married foreign-residents despite being in relationship with women and having wives back home – File photo courtesy Creative Commons Young, old, fat, short, tall, fair, dark, smart, intelligent, caring – it doesn’t matter for young Pakistani men seeking prospective brides as a shortcut exit overseas. The only criterion is that you must hold a foreign passport and be able to financially support yourself as a young woman because this type of man isn’t in it for the long run.
Simple, innocent and conservative overseas-born or raised Pakistani girls are an easy target for these men. Most Pakistani families living abroad raise their children in a sheltered and protective environment, where they try to maintain their traditional ties with their native country and expect the same respect in return.
Marriage is a sacred union. Majority of overseas Pakistanis and respectable families in Pakistan cherish this system,…

Bridging gap between borders and generations

Bridging gap between borders and generations

‘Face to Faith’ brings students from Pakistan and India together to talk about treatment of elders

The mention of Pakistan conjured up stark images for students of Brindavan Vidyalaya until an interaction through video conferencing this week shattered the cultivated stereotypes.

Though divided by borders, students from both nations found a common pitch in challenges they faced, including the widening gap between Generation Y and senior citizens.

Organised by international organisation , ‘Face to Faith’ that brings students across cultures and faiths together through technology, the video-conference between four schools, two from Pakistan and two from India , included Brindavan Vidyalaya, Thiruvanaikoil as a participant. The school had invited grandparents to join students in the discussion centred on International Day of Older Persons observed on October 1.

The mediator encouraged students to share anecdotes and axioms from scriptu…

Ghairat is not Honor!

An interesting read. I guess many of non-resident Pakistanis and Indians can to some degree relate to this article.

They do not have a word for ‘ghairat’ in English

Soruce: They do not have a word for

“They do not have a word for ‘ghairat’ in English,” said Khadim. He paused, looked at his audience and asked: “Do you know why?”

Without waiting for a response, he added: “Because they do not have ‘ghairat’ in the West.” His remarks, as he had expected, pleased this audience of South Asian Muslims, Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. “Not true,” said Farhan, one of the few liberals in the crowd. “They do have a word for ‘ghairat,’ honour.”

“Incorrect,” declared Khadim, “honour is a very light word. It does not have the intensity of ‘ghairat.’”

Many in the audience understood this ‘intensity’ well. They had grown-up daughters. And every time their daughters went out, in jeans or shalwar-kameez, they felt this intensity. The intensity increases, if the jeans are a bit too tight or…

Pakistan school offers hope for children rescued from the Taliban

At first glance they seem just like any other group of high-spirited teenage schoolboys. Dressed in the compulsory school uniform comprising green-and-white striped shirts and cream trousers, they spend their mornings studying hard for their exams and their afternoons on the playing fields.

To observe these boys studiously poring over their textbooks, or running around the sports field during games of football or basketball, it was hard to imagine that only a few months previously they had been living a very different existence.
For the 180 or so boys attending this highly specialised school on Pakistan's lawless North-West Frontier are all veterans of the Taliban, the militant Islamist movement that is waging war on both sides of the border with neighbouring Afghanistan.
Seized or bought from their families by Taliban fighters promising them a better life, they were plunged into a relentless cycle of indoctrination aimed at turning them into suicide bombers or fighte…

Imran Khan, knowingly or unknowingly ‘Taliban’ Khan – The Express Tribune Blog

Imran Khan is guilty of one of two things. He is either guilty of deliberately and knowingly legitimising the Pakistani Taliban as a political force for what he perceives to be his own populist gain, or he is guilty of colossal naivety and unintelligibility.

Personally, I am far more worried by the latter, and also far more convinced of its plausibility.

Allow me to explain.

Let’s consider the possibility that Imran Khan is indeed playing to what he understands the populist tune to be and that his soft, apologetic stance towards the Pakistani Taliban is a deliberate ploy fueled out of a mixture of two fears; one fear being of his own life and the other being of antagonising his Pashtun support base.

This is not implausible.

It would not make sense for Imran Khan to be making new enemies with elections and his first real chance of being a major part of a coalition fast approaching. This would also allow him the liberty of being able to take a harsher stance towards the Pakis…

Palestine cancel tour to Pakistan

KARACHI: Palestine’s tour to Pakistan for two friendly football matches has been cancelled, a Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) press release issued on Sunday confirmed.

The Palestine national team were set to play two friendly matches between October 14-18 in Pakistan but the venue was yet to be confirmed.

According to the statement issued, the Sports Board of Punjab confirmed the availability of Punjab Stadium for the two matches very late due to which Palestine was forced to withdraw as they could not send a team on such a short notice.

Palestine also toured Pakistan last year for a two-match series which was played in Karachi and Lahore. The visitors won the series 1-0.

Pakistan is likely to tour Singapore in November as it would be difficult to arrange any other series, PFF’s secretary general Ahmad Yar Lodhi was quoted as saying by a local newspaper.

The World's Most Dangerous Cities

Salute To Pakistani Soldiers !!!

Salute To Pakistani Soldiers !!!

May Allah rest their souls in peace !!

Major Mujahid and Captain Usman Shaheed !!!

Captain Usman Ali Age of his Daughter 2.5 month

Captain Usman Ali

Major Mujahid from 105 L/C who embraced shahadat in NATO attack on Pakistani checkpost in Salsala Village

Namaz-e-Janaza of Nato Attk Martyrs

“This is not true. Theyare making up excuses. What are their losses, casualties?” said army spokesmanMajor-General Athar Abbas
“I cannot rule outthe possibility that this was a deliberate attack by Isaf,” said Abbas. “IfIsaf was receiving fire, then they must tell us what their losses were.”

Pakistani armyofficials said the posts that were attacked were about 300 metres intoPakistani territory. Isaf officers, however, maintain that the borderin that area is disputed.
Abbas told the Guardian that the firing lasted forover an hour, and that Isaf made “no attempt” to contact the Pakistani side.

“This was a totally unprovoked attack. There are nosafe havens or hideouts …

New Chief of the Air staff Air Chief Marshal Tahir rafique Butt...!!

Air Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt Monday has taken over the charge of Chief of the Air Staff.

A formal “Change of Command Ceremony” was arranged at Pakistan Air Force Headquarters on Monday morning where former Chief of the Air Staff Rao Qamar Suleman handed over the command to the new Air Chief. Earlier, the outgoing air chief examined the guard of honour, and salute was presented to the new air chief.

قابلِ رحم ہے وہ قوم

قابلِ رحم ہے وہ قوم
جس کے پاس عقیدے تو بہت ہیں
مگر دل یقیں سے خالی ہیں

قابلِ رحم ہے وہ قوم
جو ایسے کپڑے پہنتی ہے
جس کے لیے کپاس
اُن کے اپنے کھیتوں نے پیدا نہیں کی

اورقابلِ رحم ہے وہ قوم
جو باتیں بنانے والے کو
اپنا سب کچھ سمجھ لیتی ہے
اور چمکتی ہوئی تلوار سے بنے ٹھنے فاتح کو
اپنا انداتا سمجھ لیتی ہے

اور قابلِ رحم ہے وہ قوم
جو بظاہر خواب کی حالت میں بھی
حوس اور لالچ سے نفرت کرتی ہے
مگر عالم بیداری میں
مفاد پرستی کو اپنا شعار بنا لیتی ہے

قابلِ رحم ہے وہ قوم
جو جنازوں کے جلوس کے سوا
کہیں اور اپنی آواز بلند نہیں کرتی
اور ماضی کی یادوں کے سوا
اس کے پاس فخرکرنے کا کوئی سامان نہیں ہوتا

وہ اس وقت تک صورتِ حال کے خلاف احتجاج نہیں کرتی
جب تک اس کی گردن
عین تلوار کے نیچے نہیں آجاتی

اور قابلِ رحم ہے وہ قوم
جس کے نام نہاد سیاستدان
لومڑیوں کی طرح مکّار اور دھوکے بازہوں
اور جس کے دانشور
محض شعبدہ باز اور مداری ہوں

اور قابلِ رحم ہے وہ قوم
جو اپنے نئے حکمران کو
ڈھول بجا کر خوش آمدید کہتی ہے
اور جب وہ اقتدار سے محروم ہوں
تو ان پر آوازیں کسنے لگتی ہے

اور قابلِ رحم ہے و…

Post ~~ پاکستان کے ایک گمنام گوشے کی سیر ~~

یہ تصویرے انٹرنیٹ سے لی گئی ہے۔ یہ ضلع دیرہے جو کہ صوبہ سرحد میں ہے اور چترال کے جنوب اور سوات کے مغرب میں واقع ہے۔ بہت کم لوگ اس کے مطالق جانتے ہونگے۔

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حامد میر !! زرا حیال کرو

حامد صاحب !!
ٹھیک ہے ‘ مُجھے اعتراض تو نہیں۔۔۔۔۔ آپ کے پاس اِس پروگرام کو آن ایر کرنے کی کافی وجہ ہو گی (جیسے کہ آپ نے کسی وعدہ کا بھی زکر کیا) پر یوں کہ کاش آپ اِس پروگرام کو کسی اور موقع پر آن ایر کرتے۔۔۔۔۔۔ ابھی تو میرے کراچی میں مارے جانے والے بزرگ‘ بھائ‘ بچے ‘بچیاں اور خصوصاً خواتین کی لاشیں شاید مردہ خانے میں بے گور و کفن رکھی ہیں۔
جناب !! میں قبرستان میں روشنیاں دیکھ کر پھر بھی ناچ نہیں سکتا۔
۲۵مئ ۲۰۱۲ کے روزنامہ جنگ کی خبر کے مطابق‘جھنگ کی رہاشٔی خالدہ پروین کو رشتے سے انکار پر تیزاب پھنک کر جھلسا دیا گیا۔۔۔۔۔ اِس خاتون کے حق میں آواز اُٹھا کر انصاف دلوانے میں مدد کیجیۓ
انصاف میں تاخیر انصاف کے خون کے مترادف ہے۔
عروس البلاد کراچی سے مجھے بھی بہت محبت ہے لیکن اِس کی روشنیاں پھر کبھی سہی۔
بحوالہ جنگ چھبیس مئ ۲۰۱۲

پاکستان کے استولا جزائر

چھٹیوں میں دنیا کے مختلف خوب صورت حصوں کا دورہ کرنا ہر کسی کا خواب ہے لیکن آپ نے کبھی سوچا کہ آپ کے ملک میں ایک ایسی جگہ ہے، جس کے بارے میں آپ نے کبھی نہیں سنا، پاکستان میں ایک جزیرہ ہے.

بلوچستان میں پسنی کے قریب ضلع گوادر میں استولا کے نام سے جزیرہ ہے یہ پاکستان کا سب سے بڑا جزیرہ ہے جو ساحل سے 40 کلومیٹر سمندر میں واقع ہے یہ ستادپ کے نام سے بھی جانا جاتا ہے اس کا مطلب 7 پہاڑیوں والا جزیرہ ہے۔

بحیرہ عرب میں صرف یہی جزیرہ ہے جو بہت اہم بات ہے۔ مکمل سیکورٹی کے ساتھ موٹر کی کشتیوں کے ذریعے جزیرہ تک پہنچنے میں 5 گھنٹے لگتے ہیں۔

جزیرے پر پیر خواجہ خضر سے منسوب نماز ادا کرنے کے لئے میدان بھی وقف ہے۔

اس کے علاوہ وہاں ہندوؤں کا ایک مندر بھی موجود ہے۔

استولا کے علاوہ مزید جزائر بھی ہیں ان میں
چرما، دوسرا بڑا جزیرہ ہے
جزیرہ بُدو
جزیرہ بابا بھٹ
جزیرہ بُندال
جزیرہ کھپریاں والا
جزیرہ شماس پیر
جزیرہ منوہڑہ
جزیرہ صلاح آباد
کلفٹن اویسٹرراکس


غریبوں کا واحد سہارا


Imran Khan Ka Amaan March.... Hamid Meer


Imran Khan ki dalayri kabil e tehseen hay...

Peace kay naam per Imran Khan sahab ka ya peace march STUNT ko may zaroor appreciate kerta hoon kay atleast banda ziddi hay aur jo dimagh may sawar hojaey wo is nay kerna hay....

i know kay iss ka koi khatir khuwa natija nahi niklaay ga aur yakeenan ya aik siyasi qaad kaat barhanay ka zariya hay laikin iss kay bwajood banday ki dalayri ko dad dayni chahiya.

Dua go hoon kay Allah kisi nuqsan kay baghair sahi salamat her janay walay ko rakhaay ameeen. Aur jaisay jaa rahay hain waisay he apnay gharo'n ko izzat aur afiyat say lotay'n ameeen.

Post ایک*خبر*اور*ایک*کالم*[دھماکہ*ھونے*والا*ھے]

کیا انصار عباسی کی خبر ایک آخری بچانے کی کوشش نہیں ھے؟ حامد میر بھی آخری ھاتھ پاوْں مارے گا لیکن کیا شیخ رشید کی پکار الٹ پڑنے والی ھے؟

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Most Beautiful place in Pakistan Siachen

Most Beautiful place in Pakistan Siachen
Siachen Glacier is a lovely Glacier of Pakistan,
Some Facts About Siachen Glacier:
1. Siachen Glacier is the Worlds Biggest Glacier outside the two Poles.
2. It is also the world's Highest Glacier.
3. That is why it is refered to as "The Third Pole."
4. It is also the World's Highest Battle Ground Ever!!!! (battles have occured here in-excess of 22,000 ft!!!!!).

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