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Friday, October 11, 2013

10 Work Make up Mistakes

Applying make up for work has its own rules that differ from evening or outing make up. When it comes to work beauty remedies, less is more! Here are some beauty and make up mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to work:
1- Super-long nails: Nails need to be short, neat, groomed and lightly painted in neutral shades. Don’t re-apply nail polish while at work, having to constantly do that means that it was not being put on properly in the first place.

2- Constantly re-applying makeup at your desk: The image of a lady employee who keeps on powdering her face and using lipstick every now and then is not professional. If you need to fix your make up, use the privacy of the lady’s room.

3- Not wearing enough makeup or going bare-faced to work. You should look your best at work. Just like you won’t show up in your ‘home’ clothes, the same applies to your face. Applying a little concealer, powder and light lipstick would be sufficient. If you didn’t have the time in the morning, take with you your make up pouch and do it in the ladies room when you reach.

4- Wearing too much mascara: Nothing looks bad on the eyes like flaking mascara caused by applying layer over layer on your eyelashes. Make sure to clean off yesterday’s mascara before going to bed, and applying a new fresh layer in the morning.

5- Wearing glitter: When choosing eye shadow and powder for work, stay away from all that shimmers, sparkles, or frosts. Keep that for your night out as these look great only in the evening and in the dark.

6- Heavy eyeliner: When sitting up close in a meeting with your clients or colleagues, heavy black eyeliner might be a bit distracting. Besides, it has the ability to smudge after long hours of work. Keep it simple, and thin!

7- Bright lipstick and dark lip liner: This is a general rule actually weather you are at work or not. Don’t apply super bright lipstick surrounded by a dark lip liner color. It just doesn’t look good!

8- Too much bronzing and self-tanning products: Stay away from using a lot of bronzing and tanning products as you don’t want turn up orange for work!

9- Lipstick on the teeth: When applying lipstick, make sure it’s a thin layer on the outside so that it won’t smudge on your teeth.

10- Too much perfume: There is nothing worse than being stuck on an office with a woman wearing too much perfume. It is not convenient for your colleagues, and less is definitely more in this case!

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