When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? Or even looked closely at your makeup products? Have you noticed your powder makeup developing a hard thick layer? Chances are you haven’t been washing your powder puffs and makeup brushes. The hard layer developed on top of powder is bacteria and oil from your skin which has caused your makeup to harden. A powder puff absorbs any oil on your skin which will transmit the same oils on your face to the compact. So every time you go for a touch up with your pressed powder- you are applying the same oil and bacteria back onto your skin.Washing your makeup tools such as powder puffs, sponges and brushes requiresdeep cleaning once a week or more depending on how often you wear makeup. We tend to never think about ‘cleaning’ our makeup tools, quite often I’ve seen my friends and cousins use the same makeup product for months at a time without considering washing their makeup sponge or power puff. I can’t stress enough how important it is to wash your tools, its just as important as throwing away your toothbrush every month.
Benefits of Cleaning Your Beauty Tools:

  • Powder Makeup Items Will Last Longer
  • Smoother Makeup Application
  • No Bacteria Buildup Causing Skin Irritation and Acne
  • Makeup Will Not Look Muddy on Your Skin