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Sharif Aadmeyun Ka Khael By Amjad Islam Amjad


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Media Ki Ikhlaqiyat


Moat Saay Pehlay Moat By Mailk Jamshaid Azam

(Malik Jamshaid Azam, )

Zinda Qaumein , Zinda Qeyaadtein By Hassan Nisar


Dehshatgardi Kae Khatma Kae Leae Gandam Du Ropay Kilo Karein


Leadership Tips

# Fix The Problem, Not The Blame.

# Tell People What You Want, Not How To Do It.

# Manage the function, not the paperwork.

# You never have to make up for a good start. 

# Get out of your office.

# Lead by example.

# Delegate the easy stuff.

# Quality is just conformance to requirements.

# Learn from the mistakes of others. 

# Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals. 

# Set an example.

# Know Your G.P.M. ( Goal + Plan + Measurements )

# Train Your Supervisors.

# You Can't Listen With Your Mouth Open.

# Practice what you preach. 

# Leaders create change.

# Don't Limit Yourself.

# Anyone can steer the ship in calm waters.

# You have to make a difference.

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