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Relationship With Parents.

1. Never be disrespectful to parents. Do not say a harsh word to them. 2. Even if parents are unjust, it is not lawful for children to ill-treat, disobey or displease them. 3. Obey them in all lawful things. If they instruct you to do anything which is unlawful in the Shariah, then politely and with respect and apology decline. Never refuse rudely nor argue with them. 4. When parents abuse, scold or even beat their children, they should submit to such treatment with humility. Never should they utter a word af disrespect or complaint, nor should they display on their faces any indication of disgust or anger. Bear their treatment in silence and with patience. Make dua for them. 5. Assist them in all lawful ways even if they happen to be non-Muslims. 6. Whenever you see them, greet them. 7. If you are living with them, take their permission before 8. If you are engaged in Nafl Salaat and your parents call you, break your Salaat and answer their call even if there is no urgency or impor…