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Begin the Leadership Journey

In this Leadership assessment guide I have tried to compile such qualities along with their basic elaboration so as to give you the bird eye view of each trait. The intention is to ease out the process of self-audit and eventually improve and/or acquire the skills which you do not have or which you lack in. Leadership Trait Elaboration

Aggression Aggression is to set the attitude to achieve the target as soon as it is brought into your notice or assigned to you. You must be consistently aggressive in doing that. This means to fuel the teams to produce extremely swift results. This means to set tough goals (BHAGs), stress on their importance and insist your teams in endeavoring to achieve them.
Adaptive You must adapt yourself according to the situation by analyzing it fairly & Logically. Though you need to be tough when it comes to achieving goals, though flexible enough to tweak the strategies according to the market demands, circumstances, budget constraints etc.

I am an Ideal Person

Quite often you have thought that:
There is nothing wrong in what I do to others; My thoughts about myself and others are perfectly logical; The way I communicate is very sound and reasonable; So overall I am close to an ideal human being !!! Right? Wrong. You can be wrong some times. Everyone can be wrong sometimes and if you don't mind, let me say, you can be wrong quite often; several times a day even. It's my polite way of telling you that there is nothing wrong in being wrong as long as you understand your fault and strive to eradicate it. Actually, the sooner you confess this fact, the sooner you will open the doors of self-improvement and pave the way to reach your destination to achieve your life-time goals. Remember this reality that successful people are those who consistently audit themselves on what they think, what and when they speak and how they act. Such people keep improving their mental horizons and their personality traits and consequently become the &#…

7 Tips to Attain Peace of Mind

When you were child you had a pure mind; the mind which was free from worries and anxieties. As the time passed, you were influenced by several social, personal, familial and official crises such as financial complications, broken relationship, lack of trust, joblessness, failure in business, loss of respect and so on. When the mind is stressful, the associated germs of negativity, jealousy and pessimism add fuel to fire and hence your pure mind becomes impure. These impurities if taken out can bring back the mental purity hence real spirit of joy of childhood can be attained up to an adequate level.  Off course you cannot fix all of your problem at once but you can train your mind to develop the skills which can help either bypass or overcome the depressed and tragic situations so as to give you a big time relaxation while you focus on the solution to your problems. Below are some techniques which can be used to combat the peace stealing triggers:
Mind your own business. Y…