Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hazrat Ali Razi allah anho Ka Farman

Imam Hussain R.A. ke aqwaal

Aqwal E Zareen

Aqwaal e Hz.Wasif Ali Wasif(Reh) !!!! Voice of Mr. Firdous Jamal(فردوس ...

Interview with Late Ashfaq Ahmed Khan.avi

Some Words for Lost Campanian Ashfaq Ahmad!!! TAKMEEL-E-PAKISTAN

Ashfaq Ahmad Golden words GUJRANWALA 2004.flv

A Message to by Ashfaq Ahmad -- About Pakistan

The Power of Faith, A True Story

Small Truth Of Pakistan

Javed Chaudhry replying Zardari for calling Jinnah a non graduate by far...

Horrible Truth

Pakistan main INQALAAB nahi aaye ga- Javed Chaudhary

women watch this and u would love to be a muslim trust me

Great words by javed chaudhary

Chakk de phattay Javed Chaudary

3 minutes Reality & 1:20 Minutes Great Thought By Javed Chaudry

Javed: Bill Gates' Advice to Pakistan

Javed: Napolean's Advice to Pakistan