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Forced Marriage!


Main ne bi pass hoana hai...........


Pakistan’s first female football club...


Pakistan’s first female football club breaks down cultural barriers.

By Heather Sutliff

KARACHI, Pakistan, 14 April 2011- On a scorching, early morning in Karachi, a dozen girls - some wearing shawls and burqas in the blistering heat - arrive in a large walled field, ready to practice football. Their eagerness is evident as they enthusiastically remove their burqas to reveal their practice uniforms. Hurriedly, they put on their cleats and run out to the field to meet their head coach, Sadia Sheikh.

UNICEF correspondent Natasha De Sousa reports on Pakistani girls who are challenging gender stereotypes through sport. Watch in RealPlayer
These girls are members of Pakistan’s first female football club, Diya, and they are ready to play.

“The football field provides girls with a place to breathe – to get away from their daily tensions, and focus on an activity that will make them confident, healthy and strong,” explained Sadia Sheikh, who founded Diya in …

Women should know they don't need to tolerate abuse!!!

FAISALABAD: Violence against women is increasingly prevalent in all spheres of society, according to a recently released in-depth report on the subject.
A team of social scientists at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF) recently released a study on “Domestic Violence – Rural-Urban Current Age and Age at Marriage Differential Impact on Women’s Physical Health in Punjab.” The team headed by Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Dean Prof Muhammad Iqbal Zafar, with Prof Ashfaq Ahmad Maan, Fawad Asif and Munir Ahmad observed that violence against women has increased considerably over the past five years.
Generally, victims of domestic violence were found to be young and middle-aged adults. Several studies found an increased likelihood of abuse among women of age groups 15 to 19, 20 to 24, and 25 to 29 years. The report stated that married women in age group of 20 to 24 years are more likely to be abused than women aged 25 to 29 years. Women in a…